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Low-Doc Home Loans for the Self Employed

If you're self-employed or a small business owner who's applying for a home loan, our Low-Doc process may help you get the property or funding you need. You may be able to buy a home, invest in residential property or refinance even if you can't provide recent payslips and a letter from your employer.
low-doc home loan Melbourne

How can you get approval for a low-doc home loan?

First, find out from us which documents you can provide, what your needs are and which lenders you can qualify with. Then choose the lender with the lowest interest rate and fees (including LMI premium), as well as the loan features that you need. Last but not the least, present your application in a way that the lender will see it favourably. To avoid potential issues, provide only the documents requested.

Here is the bear minimum you need to get started:

Your registered business name

Your ABN (which needs to have been registered for at least 12 months)

Your Business Activity Statement (BAS) for the last 12 months, together with ATO lodgement receipt

Can you refinance your low-doc home loan?

Yes. Before you consider refinancing to get a better deal, keep in mind that you will need to reapply for a new loan, and the fact that you qualified for a low-doc loan initially does not guarantee the next loan will be the same. You may be subject to more stringent eligibility and documentation requirements, so if you are looking to refinance. Make sure you documentation is all updated.

Reach out to us

The most important here is to present the application to the lender in the right manner. Feel free to book in a non obligation call to make sure you are across all the bear minimum documentation to get the result you are looking for.