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Refinance with speed and simplicity

Valued at $79.90

It’s time to put some of the power back where it belongs; in the hands of the consumer. In the ensuing pages, Oakbury Financial Group covers a variety of topics related to home lending financial products and solutions that most bankers or brokers are reluctant to share openly with their clients. This education will enable you to shop around for the best deal, and more importantly, how to think on your own.

In This Book You Will Discover…

Why should you Refinance

How to position yourself

7 Steps to the refinance process

Think like a lender

Obtain your Refinance Cheat Sheet

financial solutions ebooks

Managing your Home Loan - Made Easy

Valued at $29.99

The Home Loan journey doesnt end when the loan settles. There are pitfalls along the way to avoid and way to plan ahead. In this E-BOOK, we expose the highest percentage of causes for loans to fall in arrears.

You will learn…

Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances

Personal Debt and what to avoid

How to remain focused and quickly pay off your Home Loan

financial solutions ebooks

Take advantage of all the benefits as a Specialist

Valued at $95.90

Discover what you qualify for as a specialist in your field. This book has been designed to educate you and expose what benefits are available to you. As expected you already have a banker working for you. Have you every tried to research what other options you have at other lenders?

If that is you, this E-BOOK has been designed for you.

Here, you will find out…

Specialist Entitlements

What types of specialist are eligible

What loans can doctors expect

Choosing the right lender

Real world examples

financial solutions ebooks

Make a well informed decision

Valued at $22.50

Complete the right research. Have a document you can refer to and most importantly replicate and use the same process that professional investors use. Whether you are purchasing for the first time or a veteran. Use this checklist to support your purchase. Submit the same information to your broker so we are on the same page.

This checklist has…

Full inspection list

Important key information

Unique features and property details

A finance checklist to ensure you don't waster your time